• Image of Support the 2017 Human Light Suit
  • Image of Support the 2017 Human Light Suit
  • Image of Support the 2017 Human Light Suit
  • Image of Support the 2017 Human Light Suit

Help me create new work at Burning Man 2017 and get something fun in return!

Our entire budget this year is hovering around a very doable $3,000. If we can raise at least half of that cash, I'll add two more lights (and 2 more battery packs to power them). If we go over, I'll be able to rent some backup cameras and other fun stuff. Stay tuned at instagram.com/schwabelstudio for updates!

Support levels:
$20 - I'll send you a thank-you postcard from Burning Man!
Black Rock City still has it's own fabulous post office. Get a postmark from the playa.
*All $60 and above rewards also ship with a thank-you postcard.*

$60 - Glow-in the-dark HLS "Support" T-shirt patches
I'm making T-shirts for my on-playa helpers this year. Support this project at the $60 level and I'll mail you the iron-on, glow-in-the-dark patches to make your own!

$100 - Photo Tins:
Beautiful, glossy photographs applied to repurposed mint tins through a "waterslide" process, and then coated in resin for a glossy/metallic look. I made these myself. You can pick your photo (any photo I've ever taken) or I'll send you something from the project. *also includes special surprises inside!*

$350 previous years' portfolios
Bound portfolios from the Human Light Suit, years 2010-2016. Hardcover, bound book of chromogenic, "wet process" prints, handmade, bound, and case-wrapped in Brooklyn. Each year has been limited to 7 and only a few of each year remain available.

$500 - 2017 Portfolio
Bound portfolio from this year's Human Light Suit. Hardcover, bound 8x10 book of actual chromogenic process prints, handmade in Brooklyn. Limited to 7 available.

$500 - Your own custom portrait session
Support the Human Light Suit and book a discounted, custom portrait session just about anytime in LA or Palm Springs. If you are elsewhere, please arrange for travel (either mine or yours). 1-hour session includes one final retouched image. Solo or group shots.

$2000 half-day portrait session
Includes hair and makeup artist, local (Los Angeles or Palm Springs areas) on location, half-day shoot with Eric Schwabel and a small crew, plus hair and makeup.